About Us

We are a social enterprise that collects and sanitizes gently used bar soaps from hotels and upcycles them into liquid hand soap. Through this process, we work towards alleviating homelessness while diverting reusable materials from the waste stream.

Our Impact

Each bottle of soap is made by individuals overcoming hardships. By employing them in our soap upcycling process, they earn a wage, create positive relationships alongside student volunteers, and gain meaningful work experience to help better their lives. With your support, we can continue sustainable practices and provide individuals with an opportunity to change their lives.

Our Mission

We aim to create second chances to help and empower people across all walks of life while benefitting our environment. We accomplish this by creating transitional work opportunities through the up-cycling of reusable materials that tackle the the triple bottom line.

Our Sanitation Process



Gently used bar soaps are collected from our suppliers at local hotels.



Bar soaps are submerged a bleach solution to be disinfected and sterilized.



The top layers of the bar soaps are scraped and shaved with various tools.



Bars are removed from the bleach solution and are placed on drying racks to dry.


Add Magic

The bar soap is then carefully (and lovingly) handcrafted to perfection.



All of our soaps are then hand packaged, and sent with a loving note your way! 


History: Enactus

Soap for Hope is one of the eight initiatives operated under the umbrella of Enactus- a global organization that uses entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress, taking the concepts of social entrepreneurship and the triple bottom-line to heart. Enactus teams develop innovative programs that address social, environmental and economic needs in the community, in an attempt to improve the livelihoods of others. Enactus acknowledges that there are no boundaries for students who want to be entrepreneurs, meet new people, and share their passions while making a difference in the community. Currently, there are 66,500 students in 1,600 teams across 36 countries around the world. At Enactus SFU, we seek issues within our community and what others perceive as challenges, we see as opportunities to innovate. With more than 120 active members running 9 sustainable programs, Enactus SFU continues to grow and expand further into the community each year. We help students develop new skills and empower them to become future leaders all while making a positive impact in the community. In the past 5 years, we have dedicated over 73,000 hours to improve the lives of over 6,600 individuals.

Hope for Freedom Society


Hope for Freedom Society  offers a sustainable, faith based presence in our community that reaches out to support individuals and families who have been challenged by such things as family breakdown, illness, job loss, addiction, and poverty. As a community service provider we strive to create conditions that will give men, women and children in our local community the ability to succeed. Success to us means that no need should go unmet. Our programs not only reach those that are facing serious life issues, but provide a platform for others in our community who are wishing to make a difference.

We work with Hope for Freedom’s recovery program that targets marginalized individuals who seek real life transformations and are serious about breaking their addictions. Clients commit to abstinence-based living, and remaining free from substances to achieve their goals together.